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I tracked down a producer from RantRadio (by the grace of Server), and was given permission to broadcast Tales from the Afternow on the new Radio Free Urbana station, 104.5 WRFU.

Here was my proposal (which is supposed to be approx 50 words):

My proposal is not to produce new programming, but to broadcast an existing radio program freely available on the internet called "Tales from the Afternow". You can listen to the entire run of the show (just over 3 seasons) at this address: http://www.theafternow.com/listen.php

The show is a broadcast by Independent Librarian Dynamic Sean Kennedy VI from "sometime afternow". Produced in the style of 30's and 40's era serials, Afternow updates the formula with a healthy dose of post-apocalyptic imagery and cyberpunk sensibility, in a world where corporations rule and unlicensed knowledge is pornography.

I have received express written consent from the show's producer to rebroadcast Seasons 1 and 2 of the show on WRFU.

Hopefully that is enough of a pitch to get a good timeslot. Sometime between 12-3am would be ideal.

Here is an excerpt from my IRC logs tracking down the producer.

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* Set by CimmAway on Thu Aug 25 01:07:49
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* Cow sets mode: +vvvv eripsa AtlanticSlap picklejuice nobody
[eripsa] thank you
[eripsa] I have a question, I dont know if anyone can help me
[eripsa] I am wondering what the legality issues of rebroadcasting this material are
[eripsa] and who I talk to about getting permission to do this
[eripsa] the radio station is here: http://www.radiofreeurbana.org/
[CimmAway] You talk to me.
[eripsa] hi there
[CimmAway] And you have permission to air it.
[CimmAway] I'm the producer for Afternow.
[eripsa] really? I very much enjoy the show
[eripsa] I just found it a few weeks ago
[CimmAway] Good stuff! :-) Glad you enjoy it.
[eripsa] I am only half way through the second season, but it is great material
[CimmAway] Let me know the reaction to the series after you air it: info@rantradio.com
[eripsa] when the radio station was going up, I was thinking how great it would be to broadcast some sort of serial program in the style of The Shadow or something
[eripsa] but Afternow is perfectly suited for the format
[CimmAway] :-) Yup, it's a throwback to 30's - 40's radio dramas
[eripsa] would it be possible to get some sort of official permission to present to the radio producers?
[eripsa] eripsa@gmail.com
[CimmAway] No prob
[eripsa] thanks a bunch! I will definitely stay in contact and let you know how it is recieved
[Jibkat] Just dont throw your name in front of it
[Jibkat] ;)
[eripsa] oh, absolutely not
[eripsa] heh
[eripsa] I imagine it would also include creating things like short trailers and advertisments for the broadcast
[CimmAway] If you make any trailers, make sure you copy them to me, I'd love to hear them.
[eripsa] absolutely. to info@ ?
[CimmAway] Yup.
[eripsa] sweet deal. have a good one.
Session Close: Sat Aug 27 19:16:23 2005

And here is the result of that conversation:

Hello, this is James O'Brien, the producer for 'Tales From The Afternow'. The radio drama 'Tales from the Afternow' is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/

I give WRFU 104.5 full permission to broadcast 'Tales From the Afternow' Seasons 1 and 2. Please give credit as 'Narrated by Sean Kennedy and Produced by James O'Brien' and please give a link to website www.theafternow.com

- James

Lets hope these damn Urbana hippies let me have my radio show.
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