thinking is dangerous

Shine on you crazy diamond

(22:26:29) HappyEpsilon: it's not really funny
(22:26:36) drcrawl: whats that
(22:26:43) HappyEpsilon: my blog
(22:26:44) drcrawl: o ur blog
(22:26:46) drcrawl: ya
(22:27:41) HappyEpsilon: i think i want to stop hanging out with you now
(22:27:47) drcrawl: no problem
(22:27:50) drcrawl: um
(22:27:58) drcrawl: can I still get a ride back from bloomington?
(22:28:10) HappyEpsilon: i will make sure someone is there
(22:28:20) drcrawl: heh
(22:28:23) drcrawl: are you sure?
(22:28:30) drcrawl: are you mad at me?
(22:28:36) HappyEpsilon: i wouldn't strand you
(22:28:41) drcrawl: ty
(22:28:46) drcrawl: thanks for taking care of simon, also
(22:29:02) drcrawl: thats right neighborly of you
(22:29:15) drcrawl: so my dad is going to burning man, ya?
(22:29:25) drcrawl: and he is putting on a 'pink floyd tribute'
(22:29:45) drcrawl: and if you look at the burning man anticipation forums, everyone is talking about how that night is going to be a great night
(22:29:59) drcrawl: with particular focus on the pink floyd tribute
(22:30:15) drcrawl: however, I happen to know that my dad can't play drums
(22:30:16) drcrawl: at all
(22:30:24) drcrawl: and he can't sing very well
(22:30:33) drcrawl: and he sure cant play drums AND sing
(22:30:49) drcrawl: however, he makes up exactly 1/2 of this particular tribute band
(22:31:05) drcrawl: the other half by an actual musician, who actually plays in an actual band
(22:31:10) drcrawl: however, he plays the saxophone
(22:31:26) HappyEpsilon: i feel like i am dying, and i don't know what to do, because there is nothing to do
(22:31:27) drcrawl: and he will be accompanying my father, on his (cheap, dirty) synth drums
(22:31:51) drcrawl: the two of them cannot maintain any song for any length of time
(22:32:11) drcrawl: so my dad is just playing the cd along side them
(22:32:45) drcrawl: so the pink floyd tribute band is really just a pink floyd mix tape with two no talent mexicans dicking around on some instruments
(22:32:59) drcrawl: there's gonna be some angry hippies there I tell you what
(22:34:32) drcrawl: oh its so bad
(22:34:33) HappyEpsilon: sometimes i think i should go commit myself, but i don't think it would help, just makes things worse
(22:35:09) drcrawl: and he keeps talking about how awesome it will be, and how he has the breaks planned out and everything
(22:35:14) drcrawl: he is on for an hour and 10 minutes
(22:35:30) drcrawl: its totally a midlife crisis thing
(22:35:32) drcrawl: totally
(22:35:45) drcrawl: is hilarious but horribly pathetic
(22:35:47) HappyEpsilon: maybe the crowd will be too fucked up to care?
(22:35:50) drcrawl: and I know it will just be me in 20 years
(22:36:01) drcrawl: oh, undoubtedly
(22:36:12) drcrawl: I mean, it is burning man, there wont be one straight person there
(22:36:20) drcrawl: but there will be hippies wanting music
(22:36:48) drcrawl: anyway, so my mom tells me that this is some sort of retribution for my dad
(22:36:58) HappyEpsilon: i wish i could be more like you
(22:37:00) drcrawl: when he was younger, his friend, his musician friend
(22:37:07) drcrawl: there were at a gig
(22:37:12) drcrawl: and their drummer couldn't make it
(22:37:17) drcrawl: and they asked my dad to join them
(22:37:25) drcrawl: and my dad just ... I mean, he can't play
(22:37:27) drcrawl: he just blew
(22:37:33) drcrawl: and they had to cancel
(22:37:37) drcrawl: it was awful
(22:37:41) drcrawl: my dad never lived it down
(22:37:49) drcrawl: so this is his like payback
(22:38:01) drcrawl: haha, and he is gonna be even worse here
(22:38:05) drcrawl: oh brother
(22:38:17) drcrawl: this guy, this musician
(22:38:25) drcrawl: my dad has told me... no, bragged to me
(22:38:30) HappyEpsilon: i don't see that would be payback for? he embarassed himself once so now he has to do it again?
(22:38:38) drcrawl: about having a threesome with him and my dads girlfriend at the time
(22:38:50) drcrawl: or, to make amends or something
(22:39:00) drcrawl: some sort of chapter closing midlife crisis thing
(22:39:05) drcrawl: I dont pretend to understand
(22:39:13) drcrawl: but its hard to watch
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