thinking is dangerous

Scylla and Charybdis

In references to the comments from the previous post:

ToliverChap: don't forget to fall forward 2 hours on your watch d00d.
Dr Crawl: tonight?
ToliverChap: I just mean if you had it on CA time
ToliverChap: you probably already did it just being a pest.
Dr Crawl: oh, yea
ToliverChap: :)
ToliverChap: oh wait I mean dick
ToliverChap: [I'm not a dick you're a dick, dick]
Dr Crawl: hhaha
Dr Crawl: your comments were shit though
ToliverChap: you take yourself too seriously.
Dr Crawl: " Live and learn for what it's worth""
Dr Crawl: that has to be the least helpful or informative phrase in the history of everything
ToliverChap: yeah everybody gets one midlife.
Dr Crawl: oh sure
Dr Crawl: I'm not complaining
Dr Crawl: I was just commenting
Dr Crawl: I was observing it happen
Dr Crawl: and it struck me as funny
ToliverChap: like an opinion
Dr Crawl: and blogworthy
ToliverChap: indeed
Dr Crawl: but come on, ian
Dr Crawl: there is no excuse for "live and learn for what its worth"
Dr Crawl: thats just pathetic and stupid
ToliverChap: nope you see you have to understand something about Hyper-Irony
Dr Crawl: its the "I dont have anything to say but I want to say something anyway" line
ToliverChap: it's like the rhetorical form of a Jose Canseco bat
Dr Crawl: oh, I understand you THINK you are funny
Dr Crawl: which is why I burned you
ToliverChap: only you burned me for thinking that thinking I was funny was funny
Dr Crawl: yeah
ToliverChap: ultimately you fell into the trap of hyper irony
Dr Crawl: you go hyper, I'll just stay meta thank you very much
ToliverChap: it's okay for a novice
ToliverChap: different strokes for what it's worth
Dr Crawl: fuck you
ToliverChap: man oh man you need to relax
Dr Crawl: haha
ToliverChap: OR I need to quit being a dick
Dr Crawl: no, you just need to quit thinking being a dick is clever
ToliverChap: gotta learn to watch myself around sensitive people.
Dr Crawl: or that there is some sort of deep subtext to dickishness
Dr Crawl: I believe the layman says "get over yourself"
Dr Crawl: but to each his own
ToliverChap: yeah
Dr Crawl: BAM
ToliverChap: indeed
ToliverChap: how's that working for you?
ToliverChap: don't say fine like wine.
ToliverChap: Better like Bree.
ToliverChap: :)
ToliverChap: Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.
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