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My newest addiction

I will openly admit: I am beyond addicted to Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals, which they have been broadcasting on The Food Network all week like its goin out of style.

The food doesn't look particularly impressive, given the rest of the Food Network's line up, although she sucker punched me with the Paella Burger. Not so much the burger itself, but the way she was totally enthusiastic about building it high and huge with her midwestern accent peaking through occasionally when she is wrapped up in cooking and talking and salivating over hot sauces. And then comes the closing credits and her nose scrunches as she realizes that to sell it she needs to take a bite of the burger that she is struggling to hold and she laughs and digs in anyway.

And I will also admit that I have been high all week and broke and scraping crumbs off the bottom of the fridge. And chillin with Simon.
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