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Session Start (drcrawl:B0GGYMAN): Tue Apr 26 22:45:38 2005
B0GGYMAN: have you slit your wrists yet?
Dr Crawl: nah
Dr Crawl: I will say that I predicted this 2 weeks ago...
Dr Crawl: the last time we were at the embassy
B0GGYMAN: true true
Dr Crawl: and everyone was trying to predict the 'very bad thing'
B0GGYMAN: yeah
Dr Crawl: and no one wanted to say it
B0GGYMAN: true
Dr Crawl: slit slit slit
Dr Crawl: so my plan is to finish my prelims next year, and do a fucking awesome job, use whatever shambles are left here as much as I can
B0GGYMAN: yeah
Dr Crawl: and then maybe I will have something that I am mildly proud of to shop around to places that I actually want to work at
B0GGYMAN: yeah
B0GGYMAN: who's next?
Dr Crawl: I was going to say 'it really doesn't matter'
Dr Crawl: theres no one left, really
B0GGYMAN: true
B0GGYMAN: do you think it's cause schacht's in charge?
Dr Crawl: sussman and waskan are going to have to take the reins and steer this out o' control ship
B0GGYMAN: haha
Dr Crawl: I think it is because no one cares
B0GGYMAN: yeah
Dr Crawl: no one is willing to do the work to make it any better
B0GGYMAN: ...because schacht's in charge
Dr Crawl: haha
Dr Crawl: haha
Dr Crawl: goddamnit
Dr Crawl: awwww
Dr Crawl: I'm gonna go curl up into a little ball
B0GGYMAN: don't put a nietzsche's scholar in an analytic's job
Dr Crawl: hopefully ebbs doesn't check out early like kate
Dr Crawl: and I can use him for something
B0GGYMAN: apparently he'll be here through next year
Dr Crawl: and get a good letter of rec out of him
B0GGYMAN: yeah
Dr Crawl: like kate has been 'sticking around' this semester
B0GGYMAN: do you think schaaf has anything to do with this?
Dr Crawl: no
Dr Crawl: but I will blame him anyway
B0GGYMAN: like indiana sent him over as their little spy. a wormtongue, poisoning the well
B0GGYMAN: giving profs the idea that indiana is better
Dr Crawl: I refuse to believe that schaaf has any power whatsoever
B0GGYMAN: then they sent bottorf along just to make sure he was doing the job right
B0GGYMAN: that's what they want us to think
Dr Crawl: I'm gonna go smoke and maybe kill myself
B0GGYMAN: take bottorf with you...... even if he's not a spy
B0GGYMAN: he gives me the creepys, willies, etc.
*** "B0GGYMAN" signed off at Tue Apr 26 22:59:09 2005.
Session Close (B0GGYMAN): Wed Apr 27 00:43:43 2005

Session Start (drcrawl:B0GGYMAN): Wed Apr 27 17:49:12 2005
B0GGYMAN: i'm fucked
Dr Crawl: ya
B0GGYMAN: wagner's just rejected me
Dr Crawl: seriously?
Dr Crawl: on what grounds?
B0GGYMAN: too busy
B0GGYMAN: too many other students
Dr Crawl: so I am similarly fucked, eh?
Dr Crawl: I bet he is leaving for indiana too
Dr Crawl: god, I need a drink
B0GGYMAN: now i have no one to work under
B0GGYMAN: no aesthetics. no phil language/epistemology
B0GGYMAN: do you have several feet of rope
Dr Crawl: I tell you what
Dr Crawl: fuck ebbs
Dr Crawl: fuck ebbs in his little sandle wearing ass
B0GGYMAN: yeah
Dr Crawl: he is fucking us over
B0GGYMAN: yeah
B0GGYMAN: i am f-u-c-k-e-d
B0GGYMAN: the feeling of curling up into a ball in dying is slowly creeping into my brain
Dr Crawl: ebbs doesn't mean shit
Dr Crawl: he has been phoning it in this whole year anyway
Dr Crawl: he is utterly unhelpful
B0GGYMAN: just think about next year
Dr Crawl: sadly the alternative is waskan
Dr Crawl: oh god
B0GGYMAN: i know
Dr Crawl: oh god
Dr Crawl: panic attack
B0GGYMAN: i may have to ask him
Dr Crawl: ahhhh
B0GGYMAN: he's the only one i can possibly think of
B0GGYMAN: i mean, schacht, schroeder and mohr useless to me
Dr Crawl: neely
B0GGYMAN: maher i don't know. as with mccarthy and melnick.
B0GGYMAN: that leaves me with wengert and waskan
B0GGYMAN: or sussman
B0GGYMAN: fuck my ass this sucks
B0GGYMAN: i may be time to do tequilla shots till i pass out
Dr Crawl: god
Dr Crawl: I'm going to the coffee shop
Dr Crawl: later d00d
Session Close (B0GGYMAN): Wed Apr 27 18:10:53 2005

Session Start (drcrawl:B0GGYMAN): Wed Apr 27 18:11:06 2005
B0GGYMAN: later
Dr Crawl: gah
Dr Crawl: my car is trapped
B0GGYMAN: that sucks
Dr Crawl: I am going to kill meself
B0GGYMAN: as will i
Dr Crawl: you want to give me a ride to the coffee shop?
Dr Crawl: we can drive on the wrong side of the road
B0GGYMAN: katie's at work
B0GGYMAN: no car
Dr Crawl: :(
B0GGYMAN: let's just lay in the street
Dr Crawl: oh, man
Dr Crawl: 'the department' should no longer be a comumentary. it should now be a dramumentary
B0GGYMAN: yeah
B0GGYMAN: how i wanted it to end is with everyone leaving and the department collapsing.
B0GGYMAN: fuck
B0GGYMAN: too close to home
B0GGYMAN: now i know how kukla feels on a day to day basis
Dr Crawl: hahaha
Dr Crawl: oh god
Dr Crawl: it hurts
Dr Crawl: it hurts to laugh
B0GGYMAN: yeah
B0GGYMAN: i think i should become a heidegger scholar
B0GGYMAN: fuck ebbs

End transmission.
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