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What is Andrew Kevin Walker up to?

I remember in college Andy Walker and Charlie Kaufman were my two 'must follow and obsess over' screenwriters. Whereas Kaufman went on to be nominated for 3 Oscars and a host of other awards and acclaim (and deservedly so), Walker seems to have completely disappeared. Se7en is still a very well written, well paced movie, and the little trademark touches he added to Fight Club helped turn it from a forgettable angsty movie to a classic. I feel bad that he got screwed by Schumacher over 8mm, and I honestly wasn't very impressed with Sleepy Hollow, but he still was a very definite voice in the late 90s and it is a shame he isn't doing more work.

The most recent thing on his pictureless imdb page was the BMW commercials he did a while back, but there doesnt seem to be any new projects planned. His trivia section is even more depressing:


Did a rewrite for the yet to be released 'Silver Surfer' movie. He also wrote an adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham's 'Of Human Bondage'.

Wrote the screenplay for Batman Vs. Superman. The film was shelved when director Wolfgang Petersen announced he would instead direct the epic Troy (2004), and director Brett Ratner announced he would be directing the next Superman movie.

It looks like he is just getting overlooked by the Hollywood machine.

When his absence occured to me a few years ago, I figured Fincher would help him get through whatever tough times he had by giving him some work and rewrite projects. But now even Fincher seems to have dried up- Panic Room had a few interesting visuals but not much more, and that was years ago; and his future projects on imdb look just as bleak. The imdb boards for Benjamin Button seem to suggest there was some sort of power struggle between Walker and Keopp, but is rather sparse on details.

Does anyone have more information on the whereabouts or current projects of Andy Walker? Because they could really use him back in the business, even if they dont realize it.

If you dont have any info, please share your favorite Andy Walker line or otherwise express your AWK appreciation. I'll start with the obvious:

If I did have a tumor, I'd name it Marla.
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