thinking is dangerous

Shave and a haircut

Two bits:

1) Found the following quote today.

"What we commonly call "nihilism"--and are tempted to date historically, decry politically, and ascribe to thinkers who allegedly dared to think "dangerous thoughts"--is actually a danger inherent in the thinking activity itself. There are no dangerous thoughts; thinking itself is dangerous, but nihilism is not its product. Nihilism is but the other side of conventionalism; its creed consists of negations of the current so-called positive values, to which it remains bound. All critical examinations must go through a stage of at least hypothetically negating accepted opinions and "values" by searching out their implications and tacit assumptions, and in this sense nihilism may be seen as an ever-present danger of thinking."

Its from Hannah Arendt, in The Life of the Mind.

I have also decided to make Hannah my new avatar, because she is spicy hot.

2) I wrote a song today after 2 hours sleep. It is short, and I think it might be to the tune of "If I was president", which I saw on an episode of Chapelle Show quite a while back. It was that guy from the fugees singing. I wasn't copying it, though, the song kinda of fell out of my mouth as I was trying to wake up this morning.

In the morning
It is hard to find the right temperature
in the shower
It can't be too hot
but it should burn a little

In the afternoon
I just want a sandwich
but I dont have my money
and they wont take my credit card
guess I'll wait till dinner

In the evening
washing a dirty pan
to make an omlet
eggs are all that is left
in the refrigerator

On the internet
looking for the new Bjork album
I heard it wasn't good
but I want to listen anyways
but I dont want to pay for it

In the late night
right before bedtime
right before bedtime
right before bedtime
in the morning.
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