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Nothin Doin

It is the last week of class, and in the next two weeks I have 3 majors papers to write, and two mid-sized articles to translate from German.

So what did I spend today doing? This:

Its nothing really interesting, I guess. It is the scene from the movie 'Coffee and Cigarettes' with Jack and Meg White from the White Stripes, and Jack's home made Tesla coil.

I want to use it as my avatar for the forums, but I dont have the 5 bucks to pay for it, so I am going to wait until payday. I also dont know if it is too slow or what. I dont want it to be flashy, but rather something that people dont quite realize is animated until they sit and watch it for the 30 or so seconds it takes to cycle through. But maybe that's selfish. Any criticism, please leave a comment.

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