thinking is dangerous

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I'm really not sure what debate you are talking about, but take comfort in the fact that there really aren't any new ideas anywhere, and no one really knows what the hell is going on, and never has; and we have always felt that we were on the 'cusp' of something larger and more significant than what we are doing right now, or about to make some intellectual, theoretical, and spiritual breakthrough that we can't quite see now, but that once we are on the other side it will all be clear; but this is an illusion (delusion) of being largely ignorant of the world (both indivudally and collectively), and especially of being young, which I assume you are; and the young project their own feelings of uncertainty onto the world, and reflect their own quest for understanding as the quest of HUMANITY ITSELF in bold capital letters; but your personal quest and sense of immediacy is your own, and humanity does not (by and large) share these quests with you, hard to believe as that is; and understanding will not come with answers to any question but with familiarity with yourself and why you find the question important in the first place.

Because I agree the questions are important (whatever questions they are), and I have felt the urgency and desperate need for answers; but I know there aren't answers, but more importantly that nothing rests on finding them; least of all the future of humanity- we have gone this far without knowing anything, and (by and large) humanity is content with itself and its scope of knowledge and understanding about the world. The urgency you feel is not for answers, but derives from your own need to come to terms with what the rest of humanity already implicitly understands- that this is what life is, this is what the world is like, and this is what it is like to be a human being, a conscious rational being in a bumbling, buzzing confusion.
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