thinking is dangerous

Pirates and Emperors

Its the political season. You can tell because everyone is jumpy and tired and constantly checking their calandars to see when it will all be over. Except the talking heads on TV, they look bright eyed and bloodthirsty still. The way tweakers look on the last day of a rave at 5 in the morning, dancing like ABBA would sing about while everyone else is the walking dead.

Ok, that analogy didn't work at all, which shows you how little I care about politics and the presidency and government in general. I wont even put in the effort to come up with a decent analogy, and I sure as hell wont be voting. I personally think it is morally wrong to vote in the presidential election, since it only encourages a bunch of evil people to continue doing evil thing. On either side of the red-blue divide.

But why should you listen to me, when someone already put this sentiment into catchy cartoon-and-song form in the school house rock style? Look out for St. Augustine in a toga and Uncle Sam in a wife beater.

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