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A very special Wal-Mart story

I worked as a cart pusher at walmart for a while. Among other things, I was in charge of handing out the motorized carts to old people when the other old people who handed out shopping carts were busy.

So this old fat lady in sweatpants waddles in and says she needs a moto-cart, so I bring one to her. She sits down and moto-scoots her way to the restrooms right near the front entrance. There is a big yellow sign out front, meaning the janitor is cleaning the womens bathroom. So the fat old lady scoots back up to me, asking if there was another bathroom. I make a light comment about how I'm sorry for the inconvienence, with a big Wal-mart smile on my face, and pointed her to the far corner of the store, and she scoots off without saying a word to me.

About 2 minutes later she scoots back up to me with a scowl on her face, and says 'I couldn't make it'. I chuckled, thinking she was making a joke, and she screams 'FUCK YOU DONT LAUGH AT ME', and gets out of her cart. I am stunned, having no idea what is going on, and I realize that she is dripping wet, her sweat pants soaked through. She curses at me again, loudly, right in the front of the store, and the waddles back outside, leaving a trail of urine behind her, and a shallow puddle in the seat of the moto-cart.

It took me a second to process the fact that I had just been cussed out by an old fat woman who just pissed herself in public. Luckily my manager shook me out of it, by telling me to clean the cart.
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