thinking is dangerous

Used books

I found a book entitled 'Technology and the future' in a short stack of books in a used book sale put on by the history department. I paid 3 dollars.

It had an abbrevaited version of this article in it. The pages were dog eared and the margins were full.

I made this thread about it. The discussion is interesting, but my thoughts are clearly half-baked.

Also: I saw Armands this morning. At the grad conference party at his place he bothered me to email him my rave story, so I did. I have successfully avoided him since. He cornered me this morning. I was not entirely sober. I was late for class. He started talking about how it 'read like a journal' and he didn't know if there was 'supposed to be a story'. I mumbled something furious and smiled and he said he laughed at the suicide joke and I nodded and walked away.
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