thinking is dangerous


I dont post here much. Once a week, 3 times every 2 weeks, something like that. Its not unreasonable, I dont think. But alas, the public demands more.

Originally, I only wanted to post original material on this blog. No copying and pasting articles, only stuff I made with these hands [dramatic pause].

But screw that. If it is mindless information you drones want, it is mindless information you drones get. I will start posting links to interesting articles I read on this great wide lovely internet that God has given us in all his grace and glory bless his name.

If you've already read these articles through the forums, I'm sorry but I must pander to the drones. I'll try not to slack off too much in keeping my current rate of fresh material.

Self-cloning robots are a chip off the old block
D&D link
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