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Zombie Dreams

I just had a great zombie dream last night, most likely from watching Shaun of the Dead last week.

It started off really cool, with me and my whole family being hearded into this giant underground shelter that was specially designed to keep zombies out. The windows, which were near the ceiling and could be reached at the top of the bleachers that surrounded the bunker, could be pushed out (supposedly to get fresh air), but could not be pushed in- perfect for keeping out zombies.

There was a bit in the dream that didn't make much sense, but for some reason the zombies couldn't attack you while you were on some wooden structure- like the bleachers, for instance, or like the wooden pews set up around the bunker, arranged facing a center podium much like a big, underground wooden church. So every once in a while a zombie would infiltrate the defenses (or someone who was hiding a bite would die and turn into a zombie- you know, standard zombie lore),, but as long as I was on my bench in the bleachers I was fine. Eventually, however, the military came through and told us to move to a better location, so we left the bunker.

I'm not sure how the next bit happened, but something went dramatically wrong in the move, and we ended up getting caught in this out door, San Diego style mall that was impossible to barricade. Somehow I escaped, weilding this little wooden mallet that was a bit shorter than I'd like, meaning I was getting splattered a lot having to fend off these zombies. At some point, however, a zombie bit into my shoe, and I could feel its teeth sinking into my toe, ripping off a piece of flesh- I knew I was going to change soon.

The next bit didn't have a good transition, but somehow I was in a big green field, and this tribe of indians on horseback rode up to give me and the remaining members of my posse these old wooden roman chariots to attach to the horses, so we could ride safely away. It worked for a while, but we ended up getting caught in a barn in the middle of nowhere, near an old abandoned house (much like from NotLD). I snuck away from the crew to change into a zombie in peace; I could feel it coming on... I hid in the basement of this kitchen in an empty house- or so I thought. Eventually the owner realized someone was inside, and came down with his rifle to stop whoever it was. I was still alive enough to protest, and somehow I was able to shoot the guy before he shot me (i dunno how that happened). Then I ended up checking my toe, and the bit hadn't actually penetrated the flesh, but just too off an annoying callous. I ran back to join my cohorts in the fight against the living dead.

The dream ended with me in some New Orleans style hotel thing, that was connected to many other house, as I was trying to heard the remaining survivors indoors.

I woke up this morning, remembering Ebert's critique of SotD, saying that there wasn't much more to do with zombies on film. I wondered if it would be too much of a genre change to make zombies intelligent, or if that is just too much like vampires.
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