thinking is dangerous


let me give, before I forget in the few minutes prior to falling asleep, my reason for creating this blog.

reading the archives in a fellow philosophy student's blog, namely fellow philosophy student Zwischenzug, I came across a post he made that was in fact taken from one of my delightfully witty Happy Hour emails. at first I thought that he had doctored up my original email into the hilarious version on his page. then I realized that in fact I had written that myself. Overcome with confidence and pride, I concluded that I was mature enough to handle the grown-up task of managing my own permanent internet presence, so I immediately registered this account. well, actually, I masturbated first, then I put my seed in the jar under my bed, and then registered this account.

edit: for those interested, coagulated semen makes a great low-carb homemade mayonaise. Just mix with equal parts oil and water and serve on Wonder bread.

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