thinking is dangerous

bad weed and more UCRAP

I am seriously biffed. All the major dealers in the greater champaign-urbana area got busted last month, and so after resorting to my second tier connections and finally finding some, it turns out to be total trash and a complete waste of money. Biffed is an understatement.

To celebrate my sobriety, here is a UCRAP poem entitled 'frustration'


I breath in deeply
no, the way I had planned was completely wrong
abandon ship. start over.
something witty, please

not saying enough, but far more than I needed to

Why did I plan? Wasn't planning the problem in the first place?
dont plan
something witty, please
my mouth takes over, my eyes roll in my head

filling the air, the void
remembering the plan as it falls apart

I am not here, this isn't happening
these words arent mine
they aren't even words

She looks as confused as I feel
Should I have kept the plan?

"I should go," I say, though I can feel the dirt being patted over my freshly dug grave, the badly paid groundskeepers finishing a long days work.

I hear them say:
"We pat it down, to settle the dirt
to fill the holes, to close the gaps.
Wouldn't want anyone breathing down there, now would we?"
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