thinking is dangerous

Raise up off these N-U-TZ

cuz you gets none of these.

Its official: Snoop Dogg is the most well-connected rapper, according to a recent Nature article.

He finds that on average it takes a chain of just 2.9 people in the network to connect one rapper to another; that is, three degrees of separation. This compares with 2.5 people for the network of movie actors (popularized in the Kevin Bacon game ), 3.6 for company board directors, and 5.9 for collaborations between high-energy physicists.

In this respect, rap exhibits the same spirit as early jazz, where musicians had on average less than two degrees of separation.

And who is the most highly connected rapper? It's Snoop Dogg, naturally, who seems to have justified the title of his 1999 album No Limit Top Dogg.

I dont think Snoop Dizzle will let it go to his head, though.
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