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Moving sucks

I went and got myself some legitimate server space and my very own domain. So this blog will be moving very shortly to eripsa.org. That is, once I bang this stupid wordpress template into shape. You can check in on my progress as I go, but I warn you, it isn't pretty.

My hosting is pretty fancy. I have 10 gigs of space for whatever craziness I want to post (no more relying on imageshack), and 250 gigs of transfer a month, plus all the database frills I want. For 7 bucks a month, thats not bad; and with 24 hour tech support (they already called me once to confirm the subscription) I figure its worth it.

I'll probably put up a message board at some point in the future. I also get a few extra domain names, so if any of my readers want to hop on board this wagon just let me know. I'll keep everyone informed of how the transfer goes, and what hitches I hit along the way.

Ugh, that front page looks so ugly. Back to work. Or play. I can't tell the difference any more.
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