thinking is dangerous


It started off slow and in the background and it itched in a way that I couldn't scratch and I am leaning back in the seat as it wobbles on the uneven sidewalk and this is no good and I get up and take a walk and totter and pace and walk in circles and rush back to the cup on the uneven table and I slow down and totter and walk backwards and Oh, excuse me sir I didn't mean to step on you i just I JUST wanted to GO to the bathroom will you let me in please looking at my watch and he said 15 minutes and the girl he was with said something distracting from the MATTER AT HAND and I said "15 minutes no problemo" and I hung up all business and facts and casual bilingualism and I held the phone tightly and I inquired at the girl standing guard in front of the door that it was just a MOMENT for use of the BATHROOM which I clearly need to USE my good LADY and she looked over and mentioned the Fire Code and she of course had a point. I DO NOT DENY SHE HAD A POINT. So I danced the magic dance and she let me in and I quickly used the facilities and rushed back out and glanced at my glass on the wobbly table, and my watch and it was time.

And the street was lively with clowns and musicians and wanderers and evil and the street crawled with evil and I tripped down the curb and EVIL. I pulled out my phone and turned on the camera and watched the malevolent circus act perform through the comfort of my technology. The cars were blurs of sound and fury and the phone ring shocked me and he called me up to his room and the front door of the small, dirty apartment complex was open and I headed towards the music and his upside down face at the top of the stairs and he yelled 'Hey sup' and I said hey and looked around suspiciously and went into his room.

There sat a group of kids I DID NOT LOOK AT THEIR FACES and they sat there around the glowing box playing Halo and yelling and the sound of Phish was strong in the air and in the middle was a glowing metal cone with the words VOLCANO in bright read letters, and we made our exchange and they yelled and his head bobbed and his hideous girlfriend yelled into her phone I CANT HEAR YOU I CANT HEAR YOU and he filled up a large plastic bag with colorless happiness and I have to go, thanks, man, I'll... what? I, yeah, haha, yeah we'll. Yeah.

And I exited and lit a cigarette and flipped open the cell phone and watched the world through the screen of technology and it was blurry and lagged and I trusted it and it trusted me and i was still in the middle of the street and still lighting my cigarette and no cars were coming and I felt safe.

And I arrived back at my wobbly table that was full now of people with no chairs and I wanted to sit and I had no place to sit and I strolled around and the cool air felt great and the sign above the bar caught my eye and I stared and stared and people looked at me as if to ask me where I was and who I was with and was smiled at them, right to their face and I mumbled and ignored the conversation and let it wash over me like rain water and they talked about philosophers and psychoanalysis and sandwiches and I sat there and looked at the sign and took out the phone and took a picture.
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