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Google knows where you live

Google Earth

This is so fucking awesome I dont even know what to say about it. Keyhole has been out for a while; a few years ago I had a 30 day trial version (because I had an nVidia card), but it was several hundred dollars for a subscription. Google recently bought the program and made it free to everyone. The resolution is amazing, and the new feature to pop out buildings makes big cities like chicago look surreal. And since it is on Google's servers it flies at great speeds.

My only complaint is that the Champaign/Urbana area doesn't have any recent sat photos, and Hippyana is covered in a thick layer of trees and is nearly impenetrable. Considering the sort of science and technology that comes out of this school you would think it would be a bit higher on the radar, but considering the government/MIC connections to campus, perhaps they are trying to hide something :tinfoil:.
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